Leadership and pressure often go hand in hand. Leaders often face silent pressure which comes from leading an organization. They are worried about increasing their sales, generating more profits, tapping into new markets, introducing new products and in some cases laying off employees when the performance is subpar. Considering that you have a large organization with thousands of employees across many continents that is a tough ask! It can even put the best of men under a lot of stress.

Senior executives face a lot of pressure and they have to manage this every single day. A great leader is someone who manages the expectations and the pressure efficiently for himself and his entire team/ organization and thus improve the morale of those who work for him. Leadership is serious business and it is usually the difference between success and failure.

Leadership, has to be learnt! You need to earn the respect of your peers and that doesn’t happen overnight. It is a continuous process which you have to keep working on. You need to earn the position with your skill and hard work. Never let your insecurities limit you from trusting a right person who will get the job done. You cannot be a great leader unless you stop worrying about someone who may take your position.

A great leader succeeds because of the right mindset and – the right attitude that he implements and executes in his office.

An excellent example of inspiring leadership comes from the house of TTK Prestige, the manufacturers of the iconic Prestige cookers. TT Jagannathan, the current Executive Chairman of the board, was a young man, who was trying to learn the ropes of the trade. What he faced when he tried to enter the factory was surprising.

Once the factory manager realized that his new boss would be coming the next morning, he got the security guards to prevent TT Jagannathan from entering the factory. Mr. Jagannathan had to get the help of the police to enter his own factory! Following this, he faced a hostile staff. Nobody wanted to work with him. Shocking what the MD faced! The reasons were simple.

Other companies of the TTK group were suffering financially and these employees were concerned that Mr. Jagannathan would basically be trying to help a profitable company that needs no help. They were afraid that like the other group companies, if this company ran into losses, they would lose their jobs. This was a major concern for the people working.

Mr. Jagannathan quietly occupied a desk in the factory, not the MD’s cabin, but a normal desk. He vowed to win the trust of his employees. Starting with small changes in the way they manufactured the cookers, procured material and the way marketing and sales were done; he was able to slowly turn around the company from one that made decent profits, to one that was a roaring success. This took place in the era of the Licence Raj.

A setback which the company faced was the introduction of commodity controls, the company had a small quantity of Aluminium to make cookers from. Only after visiting Delhi on his own and getting a large quota of Aluminium allocated for themselves, was he able to save his company, which otherwise would be sitting idle. Thus, he won the trust of his employees. The employees started trusting him from that moment on.

It took him almost 3 years to achieve this trust. The rest, as they say is history!

It takes a lot of patience and steely determination to win over people with your skill and intelligence.

What TT Jagannathan did benefit from was an exceptional culture of innovation, which he implemented in the companies he managed. Learning examples from the industry is one of the best ways to build your knowledge and business acumen.

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We all have opportunities to make a difference in our lives. More often than not, people fail to rise to the occasion. For the development of your leadership style, the best way to learn is to be present in companies and situations where you can learn a lot from exemplary professionals and incorporate their characteristics in your daily life.