One of the greatest mysteries of the modern civilized World has always been how, the geographically small UK, France, Portugal and Spain, were able to conquer and colonize a majority of the World! These countries are believed to have discovered most of the landmasses, their sea routes and have ruled almost all of the landmasses that they discovered. How did they achieve this feat, which actually sounds utopian in today’s age?


The answer? Their strong business sense! A lot of historians believe that it was their will to innovate and explore new lands that made a few men Kings. However, the truth is that they just wanted to bring home more money! It is this burning desire to trade more and earn more, which pushed them to look for foreign lands to trade with. It is this desire that helped them be more competitive, in order to beat the existing traders and manufacturers of their future colonies. These explorers gained a lot as they were able to earn without paying too many taxes in these countries and could thus eventually turn these nations into their colonies. This is how monarchies were built. The Kings and Queens realized early on that they first needed to be strong economically and then militarily. Without a big bank balance, it is impossible to build a strong army or navy and hence, it is their lazer like focus on improving trade that helped them colonize most of the World.


Surprisingly, these nations are no longer as influential as they used to previously be. Despite these nations banding together under the banner of the European Union, they still are not the biggest trading block of the World. Countries like America, China, South Korea, Japan and Russia are able to give them a run for their money. As an investor, it is extremely important to not just invest in great opportunities, but rather to spot the next big opportunity.


Nations located in the east have been doing very well for the last few decades. The reason has again been trade. It is their singular focus on becoming economic powerhouses that has helped economies like China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Singapore important economic hubs of the east.


However, as discussed earlier, investors get their best returns when they invest in an economy/ company before it starts firing on all cylinders. This is because the seed fund that they may invest could be very small for a significant amount of equity. They could get over a 100% Return on Investment. This is why investors value those rare uncut, undiscovered diamonds, which can quickly multiply their funds.


Today, even after having every corner of the World well mapped and connected to each other, it still is impossible for savvy investors to identify the right economies and companies to invest in. In this kind of a setup, the most logical thing to do is to invest in an economy that shows the most promise. Australia is one of the most promising economies of the World. It has been growing consistently for the last 27 years. It is the only country in the World to have achieved this rare feat.


Australia was previously ruled by the United Kingdom and it seems to have continued the good policies of the great kingdom. Its singular focus on increasing trade, promoting innovation is what has helped it to keep growing even at the height of the recession of 2008. With an abundance of natural resources, proximity to international markets of Japan, South Korea, China, India and Africa, Australia is on its way to be the next great empire.


Australia has been able to grow consistently due to the support it receives from an understanding Government, an enterprising population and a high profile investor community that has always had its eyes on it. The Government’s annual $10 Billion innovation budget has allowed Australia to have a thriving startup culture that now boasts of some of the best Fintech companies of the World.


Another reason for investing in Australia is the ease with which one can hire skilled talent. The Australian Government publishes a skill list every year, which forms the base for the curriculum of all courses of Universities. This is a list of skills that are badly needed by the economy and hence, tweaking the curriculum to train students with these skills helps corporates get the exact kind of candidates it needs.


Some Australian Universities, like the University of Western Sydney, have been consistently ranked among the top Universities of the World. The courses it offers, helps students be prepared for an international role in a field of their choice. Ex: The MBA it offers jointly with BSE Institute Limited (a reputed financial institute of India), has helped students get recognized and placed globally with salaries of over $50,000!


The Australian economy is one of those rare, well planned ones that offer a great future for everyone who plans to study, work, invest and live there. It definitely is on its way to be an empire in its own right.