The invention of the internet is said to be one of the greatest events of this century. No prizes for guessing why! It is practically impossible to imagine the World without it today and any disruption in its service literally causes havoc. The internet today allows us to communicate, talk, do business, study and a million more things over it – all for a fraction of the cost and effort of doing it offline. This is the primary reason for the internet’s success.
Today everything from our homes, cars and every other smart device is connected to the internet. The next generation of electronic products promise to be connected to each other with bluetooth, the internet or through any other network.
The much awaited launch of the 5G networks promises to revolutionize the way we live. Imagine a normal table lamp or tubelight. If these are connected to a network, they can communicate with you just like a computer would. You would not have to climb up on a stool to find out whats wrong with a tubelight! The tubelight will send you a message on your phone saying that the started needs to be replaced or the tube needs to be fixed. This makes things very simple for all of us. Some advanced countries have already gone ahead with this system.
Imagine someone with the power to mess with these networks. Anyone with this ability can easily mess up our lives and cause havoc. We hear about computer hackers hacking banks, e-commerce companies and tragetting individual users in an attempt to gain access of their details important details and steal their online identity.
This is truly scary in a world where the internet is indispensable. With the internet and our devices acting as our primary storage devices any threat to them is a major challenge and can result in a major catastrophe. The recent US Election was believed to have been hacked by external forces, some organizations have been brought to the brink of bankruptcy due to a sustained hacking effort by criminals. These are just a few examples of the incidents that have happened in the recent past.
The reasons for doing so are simple – the implications of such acts severely change the balance of power in terms of influence, economics and soft power. This makes the state or the entity able to carry out these attacks extremely strong and sought after. These people are sought after as people with criminal intentions are always looking for ways to beat the law. They are also sought after by people who look to make their systems and computers safe.
This makes cyber security a highly lucrative career option. Cyber security is a domain that currently needs a few hundred thousand professionals and we unfortunately do not have enough trained professionals who can handle it. BSE Institute Ltd (BIL) offers a short term training course for all those who plan to build their skills and be this prized asset for their company.
Cyber security is now projected to be a $232 billion industry by 2022 and anyone who can provide his expertise is sure to beat the Financial gurus of the world who currently earn Billion Dollar salaries and bonuses.