The European Union is currently going through a tough time. It is suffering a lot due to Great Britan’s decision to leave the EU. London is a major financial hub for the EU and its decision to leave means that the services of this hub will no longer be available to the EU. As an external hub, the financial services that London offers will be taxed at a much higher rate than other cities that are present in the EU. The EU, which is said to be one of the largest economies of the World is extremely cognizant of this fact and wishes to alter this situation. It does not want the cost of doing business to increase due to the exit of the UK.

It is for this reason that it wants to develop its own financial hubs. Major finance hubs of the EU currently include Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna and Luxembourg City. These cities have been major hubs of finance for many centuries, but they ceded their dominant position to London as the UK was the most powerful colonial power for many years. After Brexit, these cities are set to get a major boost from the EU with an aim on taking business away from London & New York. This makes finance the hottest sector for recruitment!!

The EU is home to many many industries like Automotives, Auto ancillary, Agro, Defence, Ship building, Retail, Airspace, etc. This accounts for many jobs and Trillions of Dollars in sales. They all need hardcore finance specialists, which the EU currently has to either import from UK or have these jobs outsourced to some other place. This is because the EU currently does not have a huge population that can support and fill every job vacancy that comes up each year.

The EU has some of the most liberal education & work visas for foreign students as it struggles to fill up all the positions that are vacant. Students who visit the EU for higher studies easily get a 2 year work search visa after completing their education. The biggest advantage of an EU visa is that you can work easily in any of the 28 EU states/ countries. On completing your education in any one of the EU states, one can search for a job in any of the 28 countries. As finance is an important sector for the EU, a post graduate course in finance will be the best way for a student to get placed and settle down in the EU.

Of all the countries of the EU, Germany is the best country for anyone planning to emigrate to the EU. This is because, Germany is a highly prosperous country and is ranked in the top 5 economies of the World. Germany is a manufacturing powerhouse and has many corporate offices that have many vacancies in the BFSI sector. Germany is also a hub for innovation and high end technology. Anyone working here is always considered as person who is in sync with all the latest business activities of the world.

BSE Institute Ltd (BIL) has tied up with the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, one of Germany’s top business schools, to offer a 21 month long Masters in Finance course. Students successfully completing the course, shall be offered a 2 year work search visa. However, most students land a job immediately after graduation and the average CTC offered to them is EURO 50,000.

The most successful people are the ones who take risks and go in and do things most that people are indecisive about. Thea reason is that they start learning about the new situation even before others think about doing it. The opportunity currently lies in helping the EU build its financial sector at a time when things are uncertain. The early bird ALWAYS catches the worm.