A lot of students believe that moving to a developed OECD country is the best way to build a career in global finance. However, some of them are skeptical about working in a country or a city that specifically appeals to hardcore finance specialists. The reason being- the fierce competition is something difficult to handle while you are a fresher. They rightly feel that they need some time to settle down, to understand the ropes of the trade and then accelerate the pace. Many individuals feel that the break neck speed at which professionals operate at in major financial hubs like New York, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong, etc. may result in them burning out too early in their career. Their worries are not too far away from reality as too many Investment Bankers quit the industry after 5-10 years due to the hectic professional lifestyle.

In order to avoid build their careers at a suitable pace, many students and professionals prefer to start at an OECD country that is well connected to the global economy and yet does not have the kind of traffic that a city like London or New York has. Australia is the perfect place for students who wish to pursue an MBA in finance and build their careers there. With financial centres in cities like Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide, students have many options to consider once they finish their studies.

One of the most sought after courses is the one offered jointly by BSE Institute Ltd and the University of Western Sydney. It is a 2 year course that is recognized not just by Universities across the World, but also by industry bodies such as the Australian Stock Brokers Association. Students completing the course get an average salary of AUD $50,000 per annum. Students who are not placed immediately get a 2 year work search visa that allows them to look for a ob for 2 years. This is considered to be the best solution for all students who aim to migrate to Australia.

Making a decision about the country you wish to settle in can be difficult considering the visa and the political implications, but Australia has been one of the most friendly country out of all the OECD countries. It has always welcomed skilled professionals and talent to their country.

Other advantages of working in Australia are that most global banks, hedge funds and major financial institutions have offices there, thus allowing to professionals to get a similar experience that they would if they were in New York or London. Most firms that provide supporting services to these banks and financial organizations also have their offices in Australia, thus allowing professionals to understand the structure of a major financial hub and its functions from close quarters.

Having Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai close by offers many opportunities to professionals working here as it allows them to make a shift easily in case they want to as their experience in Australia will be priceless.

Most international students and professionals are concerned about the ever changing visa and immigration rules that can jeopardize their plans to move to another country, or may force them to leave the country immediately. However, Australia is one of the few countries that supports skilled talent and has always had policies that support hard working and meritorious professionals. While, uncertainty may be a nightmare for many, one must always look at the positive side, look at the millions of Indians who have immigrated, are successful and settled in Australia.