Moving to a developed country has been a dream of millions of students, with the reasons being very obvious. The hope of leading a better standard of life, better working hours, a better pay package, more savings and the advantages of earning in Dollars is what attracts most of us. What many students miss out in the process is selecting a good university and a good course that lets them specialize in a promising field. Knowing which field to specialize in before moving to another country is important as you will be investing a lot of time and money in this.

A field that is always in demand is applied finance for banking and finance. Having sound technical knowledge about these fields lets one apply for the highly coveted jobs in Investment Banking, Private Equity Investing and Hedge Fund Management.

Knowledge about investing in various equities globally is important as most global banks and investment houses invest in multiple markets throughout the World. As one stock market closes for the day and another opens in another timezone, the money that these banks have is moved from one timezone to another in order to keep their money working and multiplying. This skill of being able to multiply money at all times is rare and invaluable. Imagine someone who can keep reinvesting your money at all times and keep multiplying it 24*7! Amazing isn’t it? This is the reason for the top talent of investment banks and financial institutions to earn Million Dollar salaries.

BSE Institute Ltd and the University of Western Australia jointly offer an MBA in Australia. The course gives students a 2 year work search visa, which lets them stay in Australia for 2 years after their course ends. The University of Western Australia has been recognized by the Australian Stock Brokers Association. The average salary earned by students completing the course is AUD 80,000. The course is a foolproof way for those looking to study & settle in Australia.

Another important skill that students need to excel abroad is the ability to pick the right investments in the equity markets. Equity markets are highly volatile and the ability to pick fundamentally sound companies is very very important. Stock market valuations are temporary, but sound companies last forever. In order to pick such stocks, it is important to spot companies by just reading their balance sheets. Having a sound understanding of financial statements is thus very very important. They are sacred texts of the financial world that let you understand what happens on a daily basis in the company.

There are many students who go abroad, but there are very few who are actually successful in getting the job of their dreams. Understanding the reason for this difference and working towards reducing the gap between dreams and success is what makes one a winner.