When the mind is focused on achieving a goal, it is only a matter of time before we actually achieve it. The inablity to get knowledge or an opportunity regarding something that one is passionate about, is one of the most frustrating things any person can face. Many business students face this daily in India. Despite being passionate about Marketing, Sales or Finance, many students are unable to select a course for their graduation that lets them focus solely on these. Students are forced to pursue an MBA with a specialization in these subjects post their graduation. There is a solution to this challenge for students interested in Finance.

BSE Institute Ltd has affiliated with Mumbai University’s Garware Institute of Career Development and offers a 3 year full time Bachelor’s in Capital Markets. The course has been designed specially for students who are sure about pursuing a career in Finance right after graduation. The course has been designed to ensure students are fluent in understanding banking and finance. Any student completing the course will be fluent in reading financial statements and can advise individual investors and financial organizations based on the information available. Students passing out of this course shall be competing with other students who have completed their MBAs in Finance.

The course curriculum is taught by senior industry veterans who have decades of work experience in the BFSI sector. They are placed at senior positions, highly respected and sought after opinion makers of the industry. The curriculum is designed keeping the current requirements of the industry in mind. Students are taught using case studies which are designed on the basis of current business problems. The aim is to ensure students think and can take decisions like industry professionals can way before they enter the industry. Being knowledgeable and proactive is a skill that is highly appreciated in any industry.

The course includes subjects like Economics, Business Communications, Financial Management, Accounting for Financial Organizations, Principles of Management, Derivatives, Technical Analysis, Report reading, Fundamental Analysis, Forex markets, Risk Management, Competitive Strategy, Business and Financial Econometrics, Algorithmic trading, Accounting for Financial markets, Strategic Financial Management, Debt Markets, Reading Financial statements, Financial Modelling, Fund Management, Investment Banking, Commodity Markets, etc. These subjects will be covered over 6 semesters.

BSE Institute Ltd (BIL) is a 100% subsidiary of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The institute is at the centre of the country’s financial capital and is best placed to help students get a close view of the way the industry works.It was started to provide industry relevant skills and knowledge to students and working professionals. The courses and their curriculum are designed in collaboration with the industry in order to groom professionals with skills that are in great demand.

Mumbai University is one of India’s oldest Universities and has an enviable record in grooming students who to be industry leaders. Mumbai University is an institution that is respected and looked up to all over the World. It has over 5 lakh students enrolled for various courses at any point of time.

All students who successfully complete the course shall be given placement assistance. Students will be awarded a degree by the University of Mumbai. Students can learn more by clicking here.