The one word that everyone is aware of, but is not sure of its impact is technology! Everyone is aware that almost all industries are getting disrupted by technology, yet predicting its impact on our daily lives is difficult for anyone to do. Even the tech titans, inventors and financial investors are unsure of the impact on the industry, impact on the economy and the overall lives of people & professionals. One thing that we can be sure about is that a lot of skilled professionals are required to manage this technology and the infrastructure that is needed to support it. Financial technology is the tech that makes the lives of consumer, bankers and investors very very easy. This infrastructure needs a lot of professionals to manage and handle the operations and infrastructure. Banks and financial institutions badly need a lot of these, yet they are unable to scale up hiring, due to the unavailability of professionals. This is where students can get the first movers advantage, by joining the industry ASAP.

BSE Institute LTD (BIL) is a 100% subsidiary of Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and has over a decade’s experience in providing training to students and working professionals in the field of Insurance, Banking and Finance. BIL offers multiple short term and long term courses for beginning their career or moving up the corporate ladder. BIL takes advantage of being at the centre of India’s financial capital and thus designs courses that empower students with skills that are badly needed in the industry. BIL aims to be the bridge that connects the industry and academia.

BIL has won multiple education awards nationally and globally for the high quality of education and training provided by it. BIL courses are recognized globally in countries like UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc. This gives students an opportunity to visit these countries under student exchange programs.

BSE Institute Ltd (BIL) and Mumbai University jointly offer a 2 year Masters in Financial Technology. It is a 2 year course that is divided into 4 semesters. The course aims to help students specialize in all subjects that are taught in an MBA Finance course and subjects that are important to understand the FinTech industry. Students will be able to read and make sound financial decisions on the basis of financial statements and reports that they get. They will also be competent in managing and operating FinTech businesses and its operations.

The curriculum is designed by the faculties who have atleast a decade of work experience in the BFSI sector. All faculties are working professionals who are placed at senior positions in the industry. The faculties teach using a blended teaching approach that promotes an interactive method of teaching which helps students develop a curious and a analytical bent of mind that is necessary for the BFSI industry.

The course consists of subjects like Financial Accounts, Effective Business Communication, Reading Financial Statements and Reports, Business Statistics, Data Analysis, Data Science, Economics, Principles of Management, Fintech applications, Fintech innovations, Digital Currencies, Sales & Marketing of Financial & Insurance Products, Business Law, Business Research, Leadership Development, Portfolio Management, Derivatives, Financial Modelling, Investment Banking, Algorithmic Trading, Commodity Markets, Forex Markets, SME Finance and a Summer Internship.

Mumbai University is the oldest and the most prestigious University of India. The University has a glorious record of training and grooming students who go on to become doyens of the industry of their choice. The University has its students as the leading lights of many important companies of India and the World. The University is able to use this to its advantage as it is able to fall back on its alumni network to develop its curriculum and to place its students.

Mumbai University offers a degree on successful completion of the course. Students will be provided with placement assistance at the end of the course. Click here to know more about the course.