Most graduates and post graduates struggle to get into a college of their choice, but 2/3/4 years later they realize that all their education may not be enough to help them realize their dreams. They realize that their colleges, though reputed, were not able to get a course that was industry relevant, thus keeping them in limbo for a very long time. Many people may take up a job that may not truly do justice to their degrees earned and some may take one up, just to start repaying off their student loans. A very tough situation, if you ask any student, parent or teacher! The best way to offset or to protect one against such a situation is to be able to be a jack of all trades. It is important to be able to recognize the industries that are up and coming and that will serve the larger interests of the community, thus ensuring more jobs are created.

Financial Technology is one such industry. It is disrupting the way we make payments, way we bank, invest, save, etc. Banks and financial institutions are investing heavily in the industry, but they are finding it difficult to get the skilled talent to run and manage the systems that they invest in. Hence, it is important for all students interested in Finance to have an understanding of Financial Technology.

BIL and the University of Mumbai offer a 2 years Masters in Financial Technology course. The course is spread over 4 semesters. The major subjects of the course are Financial Technology, Blockchains, Cybersecurity, Big Data, Data Analytics, Business Statistics, Financial Accounting, Markets – Equity, Debt, Derivatives, Commodity, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Fundamental & Technical Analysis, Investment Banking, Private Equities, Fund Management, etc. Students will also get to intern with a major financial organization during the summer.

BSE Institute Ltd (BIL) is a 100% subsidiary of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The institute is at the centre of the country’s financial capital and is best placed to help students get a close view of the way the industry works.It was started to provide industry relevant skills and knowledge to students and working professionals. The courses and their curriculum are designed in collaboration with the industry in order to groom professionals with skills that are in great demand.

Mumbai University founded in 1857 is one of the oldest University of India. It has over 5 lakh students studying under it at any point of time. Its alumni are some of the most well-known professionals of the industry and support the university in developing the courses and curriculum.

Mumbai University offers a Master’s degree on successful completion of the course. Students will be provided with placement assistance at the end of the course. Click here to know more about the course.