Being recognized throughout the industry for your knowledge, skills and intelligence is something only a few intellectuals and established professionals can boast to have. There are millions of people who work hard all their lives and yet they are not recognized and do not reach a level that they would be happy at. The reason for this is that these people do not have the right skills or the training to reach the top. In order to launch your career in a meaningful way, people need to choose their college and course carefully. Having a course that does not reflect the requirements and realities of the industry is of no use.

BSE Institute Ltd (BIL) was founded by the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) with this in mind. BIL wants to take advantage of being at the centre of the country’s financial capital and come up with courses that help the financial industry to recruit the right candidates with the right skills. BSE Institute Ltd has affiliated with Mumbai University’s Garware Institute of Career Development, to offer a 3 year full time Bachelors in Capital Markets. All BIL courses are designed in consultation with the Banking, Insurance & Financial Services industry to ensure that students have industry relevant skills and knowledge.

All students are taught by working industry professionals who are placed at senior positions in the industry. Students will be taught using a blended learning process that focuses on active participation from the students. It focuses on developing their critical reasoning ability which is important for succeeding in the corporate world.

The 6 semester course consists of subjects like Technical & Fundamental Analysis, Financial Accounting, Business Economics, Business Communication, Wealth Management, Private Banking, Private Equity Investing, Hedge Fund Management, etc. Any student completing this course will be able to give financially sound advice to investors and organizations on reading any financial report or statement.

Mumbai University was founded in 1857 and has over 5 lakh students on its rolls at any point of time. It is one of the oldest, largest and the most prestigoius learning institutions of India. Due to its illustrious legacy, it counts on its millions of alumni, many of whom lead illustrious organizations and industries, for designing its curriculum and guiding students. The University will offer a degree to students successfully completing the course.

BIL courses are recognized world wide and have won many awards nationally and internationally. BIL courses have been mentioned in the media for the outstanding curriculum and training that they provide to students.

Students successfully completing the course shall be eligible for placement assistance and shall be awarded a degree by the University of Mumbai. You can learn more by clicking here.