Whether it is a startup or an established corporate, every organization needs a financial genius who knows where to look for funds and how to get them at the best terms for the company. Working capital is something which every company needs and it may be short in supply from time to time for a variety of reasons. Having an executive who can raise funds for the company at favourable terms and at the best time is something that is absolutely necessary in today’s day and age.

BSE Institute Ltd (BIL), a 100% subsidiary of the Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd (BSE), offers a short term certificate course in Investor Relations. BSE is Asia’s first stock exchange and is now the World’s largest and the fastest stock exchange. BSE Institute inherits from BSE the knowledge and insights into the capital markets industry, garnered over the past 140 years. BSE is based in Mumbai, the financial capital of India. This gives it a major advantage of being able to get insights about the various events and functions of the Financial World.

BIL courses are recognized across the World in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Germany, UK and Canada, thus allowing students to visit these campuses as international exchange students and working in these countries if possible. BIL courses have been regularly cited by national and international media for the outstanding course curriculum and the exposure it offers students. It has also won global awards for the excellent coaching and guidance provided to the students.

The course primarily revolves around Companies & Regulation, Financial Markets, Regulatory environment, Accounting Valuation and Investment Principles and Practical Experience. The course is most suitable for finance executives/ professionals, budding entrepreneurs, corporate communication executives, MBA students, aspiring CFOs and other students interested in the field.

 The certificate course in Investor Relations is a month long course that will be taught as a webinar, with an hour long lecture every week for 4 weeks in total. Participants will be mailed a book about Investor Relations by the IR Society, India. Particiapnts completing the course would get a course Completion certificate from BSE Institute Ltd jointly with IR Society, India. Participants will also get a one year membership of the IR Society of India. Students can get more info by clicking here.