Data is now believed to be the lifeline of any major corporation. Data driven decisions are the new way to analyze market trends and make investment decisions. Everything from manufacturing, marketing, sales, investment and other major decisions are now entirely dependent on data analytics. This is because data allows companies to align all their functions in order to minimize errors and maximize the opportunities that they have. Organizations can use the data that they have from their own operations or they can use the data that they obtain from various market places. Either way, data analytics is priceless and any person having a strong grip of the same is considered indispensable.

BSE Institute Ltd (BIL) is a 100% subsidiary of the Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd (BSE). BIL was founded to help students learn all about the Financial Services Sector and achieve excellence in a field of their choice. BIL offers a variety of courses related to the BFSI sector and the short term course on Data Analytics is one of the many courses offered by BIL which helps students and working professionals gain from the illustrious legacy of BSE.

The course has been designed for Corporate Executives, Utility company professionals, Retail MNC Professionals (providing e-delivery and online services), Public sector employees (city administration, police forces, public health authorities) and for students. The participants will be able to master their business knowledge, the methods and the analytical tools to convert data into insights in marketing, finance and operations. The course will equip a participant with problem-solving skills and strengthen them with the statistical knowledge and methods needed to analyse and exploit multidimensional data. The course will train students to build, evaluate and handle organizational and industry strategies. A participant will be able to solve any given business problem using data.

The major subjects of the course are summarizing data, outlier treatment, analytics definition, linear regression, correlation and regression, multivariate linear regression theory, bivariate analysis, anova (analysis of variance), logistic regression, identifying problems in fitting linear regression on data having “binary response” variable, generalized linear modelling (glms), logistic regression theory/case, fitting the regression using sas language, lift/gains chart and gini coefficient, k-s stat, decision tree and clustering, data mining and decision trees, chaid analysis, cart, why and where to use clustering, clustering methods and k-means clustering algorithm.

This course will be completed in 8 days. The course shall be held at the BSE Institute Limited on the 18th floor from the 27th of May from 10 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening. Participants will be awarded a participation certificate. Interested parties can click here for more info.