The Indian sytem for direct and indirect taxes is set for some major changes. GST, .i.e.  the Goods and Service Tax aims to replace all the central and state taxes that manufacturers, retailers and consumers pay in each state. The Government aims to ensure that there is only one single tax that anyone pays depending on each different commodity or service. This has been done to ensure that India truly becomes one market. All other taxes like the luxury tax, central sales tax, value added tax and the service tax will be abolished.

So how does one ensure that they are up to date in terms of taxation and billing when charging their clients? How does one stay ahead at a time when things are all too new and difficult to predict and understand?

BSE Institute Ltd is a 100% subsidiary of the 141 year old Bombay Stock Exchange and was founded with the goal of assisting students and working executives to learn, grow and become experts in the BFSI  sector of their choice. BIL aims to take advantage of BSE’s illustrious legacy, its pool of knowledge and help students and executives understand the structural reality of emerging markets by identifying opportunities to fill voids and serving as market intermediaries.

BIL offers a 2 day course on GST and taxation. The curriculum of the course consists of subjects like income tax, value added tax, tax challans, IT liability, service tax, computing tax liabilities, TDS, VAT compliance, accounting entries and various relevant accounting terminologies. On completion of the course, a participant will be able to understand the finer points of income tax, service tax, TDS, GST and VAT.

On completing the course, an individual will be able to understand the impact of new GST tax laws on manufacturers and service providers and shall be able to assess the impact of it on any business.

The course is designed for Stock Brokers, Mutual Funds executives, Manufacturing executives, Investment Bankers, Investors and Students. The qualification for taxation makes it suitable for a wide audience, from new entrants to financial services to professionals already working in the industry.

This course will be completed in 2 days. The course shall be held at the BSE Institute Limited on the 18th floor on 10th & the 11th of June from 10 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening. Participants will be awarded a participation certificate. Interested parties can click here for more info.