Dream about living on the Gold Coast and having a Dollar value salary to go with it? If you thought that a work visa after a college degree abroad was difficult, think again! BSE Institute’s (BIL) MBA that is offered in collaboration with the Western Sydney University entitles you for a 2 year work search visa on completing your education. This lets you stay in Australia for 2 years after completing your MBA and allows you to look for a job. This is a sure shot way for you to study, work and settle in Australia.

The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is Asia’s oldest stock exchange that was founded over a 141 years ago and is also the World’s fastest and largest stock exchange. BSE Institute Limited (BIL) is a 100% subsidiary of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). BIL was founded to train responsible, thoughtful leaders and entrepreneurs who create value for their organizations, employees and communities. BIL has multiple courses that focus on providing globally accredited courses that impart relevant skills to students interested in BFSI sector.

BIL courses are recognized by Universities in UK, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. This gives its students a chance to visit these countries as international exchange students and work in these countries. The MBA offered with the Western Sydney University is one of many courses that are offered by BIL that aim to help professionals and students grow and build their careers in the fields of Global Financial Markets, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance.

The Western Sydney University has been recognized by the CFA University and the Australian Stock Brokers Association. The course is 27 months long and is suitable for graduates who wish to build a career in applied finance, banking and investment.

The first 4 units of the course shall be taught at BIL in Mumbai. The subjects of these 4 units are Financial Institutions and Markets, International Finance, Derivatives, Security Analysis & Portfolio theory.

The course undertaken at Sydney, Australia consists of 14 units and an industry immersion internship. The theory taught in Sydney consists of subjects like Business Environment, Business Communication Skills, Understanding Contemporary Organizations, Integrated Business Experience 1, Financial Reports for Decision Making, Contemporary People Management, Integrated Business Experience 2, Economics, Financial Institutions & Markets, International Finance, Derivatives, Business Statistics, Financial Modelling, Financial Institutional Management, Credit & Lending Decisions and Advanced Corporate Finance.

The program balances academic rigor through a technically challenging curriculum, with practical applications. The specialised curriculum integrates mathematical, statistical, and computer science tools with finance theory as applied in institutional settings. The Business Project and Internship units serve as a capstone to the foundational curriculum.

Students get a 24 month visa after completing their MBA, which gives them a 2 year period to look for a job in Australia. Students who complete their MBA from the college have an excellent record of landing plum job placements. The average salary of students getting placed on completion of the course is AUD 80,000.

The course has three intakes in June, September and January. Students can connect with BIL to get more information about the course.