Living and working in an foreign country that lets you earn in Pounds, Dollars and Euros is what most of us dream about. However, the exorbitant costs and the uncertainty of getting a job is what scares most of us. Getting a job is not a major challenge for students who go abroad for their studies, but getting a work visa is. Will students change their decision about studying abroad if they get a visa? With BSE Institute Ltd’s (BIL) Masters in Finance, students are assured of a 12 month work search visa after completing their education.

BSE Institute Ltd is a 100% subsidiary of the Bombay Stock Exchange and was founded with the goal of assisting students and working executives to learn, grow and become experts in a BFSI  sector of their choice. BIL aims to take advantage of BSE’s illustrious legacy, its pool of knowledge and help students and executives understand the structural reality of emerging markets by identifying opportunities to fill voids and serving as market intermediaries.

BIL offers multiple courses in the field of Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Global Financial Markets for students and working professionals to learn and grow in the fields of their choice. The faculties for all the courses are senior industry professionals who have decades of industry experience and are placed at senior positions in leading financial institutions.

The Masters in Finance is a 12 month post graduate course offered in collaboration with New Zealand’s University of Otago. The course begins in February and has been designed specially for students who are interested in pursuing a career in Global Finance and Global Financial Markets.

The course will be taught entirely in English in New Zealand. The course will be taught using case studies, data sheets, industry examples and highly practical interactive sessions. This has been done to make sure students are exposed to real life scenarios that they will face post graduation.

BIL courses are recognized in multiple countries across the World. This gives their students the ability to participate in multiple student exchange programs and apply for jobs abroad. BIL courses have been cited in international newspapers and have won multiple awards globally for their outstanding curriculum.

The course curriculum consists of seven subjects which the students must choose between Advanced Corporate Finance, Studies in Capital Markets, Mathematical Finance, Advanced Empirical Finance, Advanced International Financial Management, Financial Risk Management, Advanced Fixed Income Securities, Advanced Research Methods, Environment of Business and Economics. Students also need to choose between any one of à Applied Project – solve a problem for an actual business OR à Research Project – an academically focused project completed with a professor’s guidance.

The University of Otago has a stong connect with the industry of New Zealand. Students will also be a part of a summer internship that lets them work at major NZ corporations and make a case for getting hired on completion of the course. The University of Otago has a Graduate Recruitment Program which aims to get the students of the program placed. Major companies of New Zealand participate in this program. This is a great way for students to get themselves known to all the major recruiters and ensure that they get a job at the end of the course. In case a student is unable to get placed, he will receive a 12 month work search visa after completing the course.

On completion of the course, students are usually placed in major global Banks, Private Equity firms, Financial Service companies, Financial Consultancies, etc. The average salary that a student draws after completing the course is USD 50,000. Students can connect with BIL to get more information about the course.