Every Indian state has many indirect taxes like service tax, value added tax, luxury tax, etc. The quantum of indirect taxes varies in each State and hence the price of a product will vary in each State. This is a major pain point for manufacturers and service providers as a lot of time, money and effort is invested in accounting and pricing of their products. This does not truly make India one market and makes it difficult for retailers, manufacturers and service providers to conduct business.

GST aims to replace that by having a single indirect tax for good & services sold across the country. The tax is based on the principle of destination, i.e. it shall be collected at the point of sale. The tax is levied on wholesale agent when he buys from a manufacturer, on the retailer when he buys from the wholesale agent & paid by the consumer when he buys from the retailer. So, indirectly, it is the consumer who ends up paying the GST as he is the final consumer in any case.

BSE Institute Ltd is a 100% subsidiary of the Bombay Stock Exchange and was founded with the goal of assisting students and working executives to learn, grow and become experts in a BFSI  sector of their choice. BIL aims to take advantage of BSE’s illustrious legacy, its pool of knowledge and help students and executives understand the structural reality of emerging markets by identifying opportunities to fill voids and serving as market intermediaries.

BIL offers a 2 day course on GST and taxation. The curriculum of the course consists of subjects related to GST, Income tax, Value added tax, TDS and Service Tax. On completion of the course, a participant will be able to understand the finer points of income tax, service tax, TDS, GST and VAT. A participant will be able to understand the impact of new tax laws on the existing setup and shall be able to assess the impact of it on any business.

The professors for the course are professionals who have spent a few decades in working closely with the subject of study. They are currently placed at senior positions in the industry and participants will benefit greatly from their interactions with them.

BIL has won multiple international awards for the excellent curriculum and training it has provided to students and executives. BIL has tied up with Global Universities from Canada, Australia and New Zealand, which give the courses offered by BIL global recognition.

The course is designed for Investment Bankers, Tax Consultants, Investors, Brokers, working executives and students and will be completed in 2 days.