Everyday we hear more news about new technology that reduces our efforts, saves time and allows us to do more things with the time that we save. Stock market trading is no stranger to it. Algorithmic trading is the systematic investing in global stock and financial markets without any handicap of a human emotion. Investors can use computer systems and softwares to follow a certain strategy that is known to earn fabulous returns for the investor. The rules are based on the price, quantity and the time of a buy/ sell decision that is determined by historical data or a statistical model which determines the best time to buy or sell stocks. Algorithmic trading makes it possible for people to invest and book profits are extremely high speeds, .i.e. much faster than what they are used to. One needs to have a lot of knowledge of the Global Financial Markets for being an algorithmic trader.

BSE Institute Ltd (BIL) is a 100% subsidiary of the Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd (BSE). BIL was founded to help students learn all about the Financial Services Sector and achieve excellence in a field of their choice. BIL offers a variety of courses related to the BFSI sector and the executive workshop on Algorithmic trading is just one of the many courses offerred by BIL that aims to help students gain from the illustrious legacy of BSE.

The faculty at BIL are highly sought after professionals who are veterans of the industry with decades of experience in the BFSI sector. Our professors are placed at senior positions in the industry and are highly active as investors. Students are taught with the use of case studies, which put a student in the place of a working professional.

The course is designed for investors, brokers, fund managers, sub-brokers, traders and students. The course is designed to help professionals take up leadership roles in the industry.

At the end of two days, participants will be familiar with various Algorithmic trading strategies, carry out statistical analyses and integrate trading strategies with various Algorithmic trading platforms.

The main subjects of the course are Agency Algo, Prop Algo, DSA, DMA, flash trading, dark pool, mathematical elements of Algo Trading, VWAP algorithm, Monte Carlo simulation, stress test, liquidity pools, alpha generation, back testing, CTCL, FIX, risk management, ECN, mock trading, etc.

BIL has its own simulation lab that allows participants to conduct mock trading at real time prices. BIL has tied up with international universities from Germany, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, thus giving the courses it offers international recognition.

It is a two day course that begins on the 29th of April. Classes will be held from 10 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening.