Investment bankers are the most sought after finance professionals in the World. They are the first people who are informed about any major decision that affects the finances of a company. An IPO, stake sale, raising capital, mergers, acquisitions, issuing bonds, better management of capital, investing surplus cash are all some of the important decisions that a company needs to take in order to stay profitable and grow. Investment Bankers excel at these functions. Investment Bankers are the highest paid executives in the World as they are critical for the growth and capital management of a company. Their take home salaries are said to be in Millions of Dollars. How does one enter this highly sought after field? What qualifies one? Only the well trained and the most knowledgeable candidates are selected for these roles. This underscores the importance of learning the right skills from the right institute in order to build a strong foundation to begin a career in the industry.

BSE Institute Limited (BIL) is a 100% subsidiary of the Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (BSE). BSE was the first stock exchange of Asia and is currently the largest and the fastest stock exchange in the World. Through BIL, BSE aims to promote learning and development in the field of Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI). It aims to be the platform of choice for the industry and aspiring students to impart the appropriate knowledge and skills for them to identify market opportunities and grow.

BIL has tied up with multiple global universities in Europe, Australia, Canada and New Zealand which gives its courses global recognition. BIL has won multiple awards globally for being at the forefront of promoting world class knowledge and skills in the BFSI industry.

BIL offers multiple courses for senior working executives and students for them to increase their knowledge and gain more industry relevant skills. The Certificate course in Investment Banking is one of many such courses that are offered by BIL. The curriculum is taught by professionals who are currently placed at senior level positions in the BFSI industry. They all have a few decades of experience in their respective sectors and are best placed to guide and mentor students and executives. The mode of teaching is focused on case studies, interactions and discussions. Participants will be placed in real life business scenarios which forces them to think and behave like actual industry professionals. They are able to develop a quick and a critical thinking ability that is needed for the industry.

The main subjects of the course are Advanced Excel training, Corporate Finance, Capital budgeting, working capital management, NPV IRR study, time value of money, financial modelling, forecasting expenses, capex build up, depreciation, debt & equity schedules, circular references, data tables, balancing a balance sheet, implied share price, corporate valuations, dividend discount model, discounted cash flows, enterprise valuation, residual income, mergers and acquisitions, merger modelling, mergers regulatory environment,  IPOs, IPO case studies, IPO due diligence, American Depository Receipts (ADR), Global Depository Receipts (GDR), Qualified Institutional Placement, fund raising options, pitch book preparations, etc.

The course aims to skill participants in Financial Modelling & Management, Finanacial Markets Financial Modelling, Investment Banking, Fund Management, Portfolio Selection, Algorithmic Trading, Mergers & Acquisitions, Industry Analysis, reading balance sheets, Fund Raising, IPOs, Company valuation etc.

The course is designed for bank executives, insurance executives, financial crime and risk officers, investors, treasury managers and students. The course will be conducted on eight days over 4 weekends beginning on the 29th of April. The classes will be from 10 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening.