Investing in stock markets is an advice that many students and young professionals get when they are early into their respective careers. Trading in Stock Markets can be a tough task when starting from scratch and many people tend to lose a lot of money, sometimes all of it. Making the right investments to get a good/ consistent return on investment can be a tough task in highly volatile markets. Getting the right knowledge and training form the right source is of utmost importance.

BSE Institute Ltd offers a 4 day course over two weekends to train brokers, mutual fund executives, investors and students in stock markets and stock market operations.

The Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd is a 141 year old institution that is Asia’s first stock exchange, the fastest and the largest stock exchange in World. BSE Institute Ltd (BIL) has been a pioneer in promoting a platform for genuine training and education in the Financial Markets. BIL is a 100% subsidiary of BSE Ltd that benefits from the vast experience of BSE Ltd. BIL is a leader in providing  current and evolving standard operating procedures of business, which has given programs that reflect the realities of the industry.

The faculty at BIL consists of industry veterans who have decades of experience in the industry. All teaching faculties are placed at senior positions in the financial services industry. The curriculum is taught using case studies that put students in real life business scenarios that allow them to take business decisions that senior executives take on a day to day basis. This gives students a quick thinking ability that is needed in stock markets.

The curriculum will be structured around Mutual Funds, Sensex, Indices, Futures & Options, Primary markets, Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Demat & share depositories, BOLT, Secondary Markets, Trading & clearing, etc.

BIL has an inhouse simulation lab that allows students to have mock trading sessions on the stock market with real time prices. BIL has tied up with universities from Australia, Canada and New Zealand which gives the courses offered by it acceptibility all across the World. BIL has won multiple awards globally in recognition of its efforts in providing World class education and skills to students and executives in the field of Financial Markets and Services.

The course will be held for 4 days from the 29th of April on Saturdays & Sundays from 10 am in the morning to 5:30 pm in the evening.