First quarter financial results tell us that the Indian Mutual Fund Industry manages over Rs 18.58 lakh crores in assets per month. That is a massive number, much bigger than the budgets of a few countries of the World. Why is the number so high? Why do people trust these mutual funds so much? The reason is mutual funds are usually focused on a certain industries (auto, IT) and invest in companies of these sectors. An investor gets a return on the overall performance of these industries and their major stocks. Also, your funds are invested by industry experts who excel in investing in the stock markets and have a proven track record of getting excellent RoIs.

Becoming a Fund Manager of a major Asset Management Company (AMC) is very very difficult. One needs to have a proven track record of getting a good return on their investments made in the financial markets. In short one needs to have a good record of being a great financial market analyst/ investment banker. Post that one needs to understand the Mutual Fund industry which is heavily regulated and making investments is a tough task without understanding these. Hence, having a clear insight about the industry in the form of a well structutred course is of utmost importance.

BSE Institute Ltd is a 100% subsidiary of the Bombay Stock Exchange and was founded with the goal of helping students and working executives to learn and become experts in financial markets and investing. BIL aims to assist people to take advantage of the structural reality of emerging markets by identifying opportunities to fill voids and serving as market intermediaries.

It offers a short term 2 day classroom course on Mutual Fund Investing. BIL has designed a course is designed for working executives like Investment Advisors, Brokers, Sub Brokers, AMC employees, Portfolio Managers, Mutual Fund Agents, Investment Consultants, UTI agents and Financial Intermediaries on Mutual Funds. The course will be held on the 29th and the 30th of April from 10 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening.

Executives completing the course will be knowledgeable in managing and organizing mutual funds, internal functions of an AMC, etc. It will allow agents to become better investment advisors and shall let investors to learn more about the benefits of investing in Mutual Funds.

The 2 day course shall teach subjects related to types of Mutual Funds, Fund Structure, Organization,  Legal requirements, Fund mergers, takeovers, Legal & Regulatory environment, compliance, investor rights, investment objectives, prospectus offers, processes rights  obligations for investors, portfolio management with comparitive analysis, equity markets, debt markets, derivative markets, investment policies, NAV pricing valuation accounting & taxation, risk & performance evaluation, tracking mutual fund performance, financial planning, value investment, growth investment, model portfolio, investor services, marketing of mutual products, fund distribution channels, etc.

The faculty for the course consists of executives who are placed at higher echleons of the industry. This allows participants of the course to take advantage of the decades of experience that the faculty has. This lets them to get good insights of the industry and helps them solve any queries that thay may encounter while working.

BIL has won multiple international awards for the excellent curriculum and training it has provided to students and executives. BIL has tied up with Global Universities from Canada, Australia and New Zealand, which give the courses offered by BIL global recognition.

All those investors, executives and consultants who are involved in Mutual Fund investing shall be able to pass the AMFI Certification Test. This is a guarantee to help AMC employees climb the corporate ladder faster.