Everyday we hear about startups raising funding rounds worth a few hundred million Dollars in exchange for a certain amount of equity. Who are the investors and how do they decide the amount that has to be invested? How do they make these decisions and what qualifies them? Private Equity Investors are trained finance professionals who have worked their way up by reading balance sheets and analyzing companies (listed and unlisted). They are the crème de la crème of the Financial Services industry and only a few get the chance to work as a Private Equity Investor as not everyone has the knowledge or the discipline to work on these deals. Therefore, learning the tricks of the trade from the right place is of utmost importance.

Bombay Stock Exchange is Asia’s first stock exchange and has been in existance for over a hundred and forty years. It is the fastest and the biggest bourse in the World in terms of the number of companies that are listed on it. BSE Institute Limited (BIL) is a 100% subsidiary of BSE Ltd that aims to promote an open learning environment that brings together people, cultures and ideas from around the world, changing lives and helping transform organizations through innovative learning programs.

In its endeavour to promote this vision, BIL offers mulitple courses for students interested in the Financial Services sector at its institutes in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkota and Ahmedabad. The Post Graduate Program in Global Financial Markets (PGP-GFM) is one such course that is designed for students interested in Global Financial Markets.

BIL has tied up with multiple Universities across the globe, which gives the curriculum taught by it Global recognition. This gives students the chance to take part in global student exchange programmes and the advantage of having a degree that can give them employment across the globe. BIL has won multiple international awards for offering World class education and skills to its students in Finance.

A student, post a PGP-GFM, will be able to easily analyze companies, their P&L statements, balance sheets, make a SWOT analysis of the company’s long term prospects, understand their industry, competitiors and come to a conclusion about its valuation. Students will be able to do these calculations for listed and unlisted companies. Any student will be successful in providing sound financial advice to any investor, bank or an individual post completion of the course.

The course curriculum is designed around a few key subjects like Financial Management, Global Economics, Business Communication, Debt & Forex Markets, Finanacial Markets Technology/ Operations, Financial Modelling, Investment Banking, Fund Management, Portfolio Selection, Algorithmic Trading, etc. Students will also get to learn day trading in BIL’s one of a kind simulation lab that allows mock stock trading on a real time basis.

The faculty for the course consists of veterans of the industry who are currently working and placed at senior positions in the industry. The mode of teaching focuses on using case studies which puts students in a real time mock business situation to test the skills that they learn.

Students will have to intern for 2 months at a major financial institution, where they get to work on live projects, interact with clients and that allows them to test their knowledge and make a meaningful contribution. A good contribution will let them bag a Pre-Placement-Offer (PPO).