Ever wondered how some individuals and families always stay rich? We sometimes feel like we don’t hear anything knowledgeable from these people, but their net worth keeps on growing! The reason is Private Bankers. Private Bankers are Investment Bankers for individuals and families to invest their wealth in secure and high return investment vehicles. It is as good as working for an investment bank, but the only difference is the size of the funds being handled is much lower.

Bombay Stock Exchange is the first stock exchange of Asia and it aims to help investors get a good return on their investment and help organizations to raise the funds that they need. BSE Institute Ltd (BIL) is a subsidiary of BSE Ltd that aims to help students gain from the illustrious legacy of BSE. BIL was founded to help students learn all about the Financial Services Sector and achieve excellence in a field of their choice. The Post Graduate Program in Global Financial Markets (PGP-GFM) is a two year course that aims to help students achieve exactly this.

The course is designed to help students understand every big and small detail of financial markets across the World. The course aims to teach students about reading and understanding balance sheets of a company, understanding its competitors, making a SWOT analysis and being able to predict its future course. This will allow them to understand the true market value of a company. Students are also taught about techniques to assess the health of a company based on non statistical techniques that help them to predict challenges that a company could face in the economy.

The course aims to help students become ace traders in financial markets by teaching them about Debt Markets, Forex Markets, Stock Markets and Commodity Markets. BIL has a simulated training program for students to learn stock trading and investing on a real time basis.

The course curriculum is designed around helping students understand various concepts of the financial services markets like – SME Finance, Financial Information Systems, Global Economics, Accounting for Financial markets, Business Ethics, Strategic Financial Management, Competitive Strategy, Financial Modelling, Technical Analysis, Treasury and Risk Management, Fund Management, Investment Banking and Algorithmic trading.

The faculty at BIL are highly sought after professionals who are veterans of the industry with decades of experience in the financial sector. Our professors are placed at senior positions in the industry and are highly active as investors. Students are taught with the use of case studies, which put a student in the place of a working professional. These interactions allow students to think like industry professionals and make useful contributions during their internship. The eight week long internship and the month long industry project is a great chance for students to make an impact in the industry and secure a Pre-Placement-Offer (PPO). BIL students have a great track record of bagging PPOs.

BIL has tied up with various universities across the World that allows students to participate in student exchange programs. These tie ups also give BIL courses recognition in countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc.

Students will be placed as Private Bankers, Wealth Management Experts, Equity analysts, Investment Bankers, Investment analysts, Fund managers, PE Investors, etc. They will be placed at major financial institutions like banks, Private Equity funds, Pension Funds, Investment Banks and Asset Management Companies – which pay all their employees handsomely.

All students are shortlisted for the course will be on the basis of a written test and a personal interview which is conducted by the BSE Institute Limited.