We often read about news articles where companies are bought, merged, stakes sold, etc. for Billions of Dollars. These funds are collectively said to control over Trillions of Dollars, numbers large enough to surpass budgets of some countries. How does one qualify for a position like that where one decides investments of this scale? Professionals with the right knowledge, discipline and exposure are the ones who are selected by these companies. It is for this reason that learning from the right institution is of utmost importance.

The BSE Institute Ltd (BIL) was started by the Bombay Stock exchange to impart the best knowledge to students interested in studying financial markets. The Post Graduate Program in Global Financial Markets is one of the many courses that are offered by BIL in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkota, Chennai and Ahmedabad. PGP-GFM has been designed to provide students with a holistic educational experience that lets students hit the ground running from day one.

The faculty for the course are industry veterans who have spent decades in the financial services industry. All our professors are currently working at senior level positions in the industry and are highly sought after professionals. This gives students a unique opportunity to observe the industry very closely. The curriculum is taught with the use of live business case studies. This allows students to suggest solutions to industry problems and challenges even before the industry comes up with any solution. This gives our students a quick, critical thinking ability that is needed in the industry.

The course curriculum is designed around helping students understand various concepts of the financial services markets like – Business and Financial Econometrics, Accounting for Financial markets, Strategic Financial Management, Competitive Strategy, Debt Markets, Forex Markets, Financial Modelling, Technical Analysis, Risk Management, Fund Management, Investment Banking, Commodity Markets, Algorithmic trading, etc.

The focus here is on ensuring that students can successfully make presentations/ analyses about any financial organization’s financial health and future prospects. Special attention is given to teach students about statistical and non-statistical ways of assessing errors and uncertainty. Any student, post the course, will be knowledgeable enough to analyze companies and assess their actual market value for a merger or any other investment decision.

Students get an opportunity to intern with a major investment bank/ hedge fund/ bank/ financial institution for two months. This is a chance for students to witness the financial markets from up close. They will be given live assignments and shall be allowed to contribute to the business. The student’s contribution here, will determine whether he/ she will get a Pre-Placement-Offer (PPO). BIL student’s have a great track record of bagging PPOs.

BIL also offers a simulated training program for students to learn stock trading and investing on a real time basis. The institute aims at being the fountainhead of excellent education related to global financial markets. BIL conducts multiple events throughout the year to promote learning and development in the field of Financial Markets.

BIL has received multiple awards globally for being at the forefront of providing excellent training and education to students in the field of Global Financial Markets and Services. BIL has multiple collaborations with Universities across the World, which gives students an opportunity to visit these campuses and gives the courses of BIL acceptibility across the World.

Students will get the opportunity to work as Investment/ Equity Analysts, Investment Bankers, Private Bankers, Wealth Management Experts, etc. Students will be placed at Asset Management Companies, Mutual Fund Houses, Private Equity firms, Hedge Funds, etc. Executives working in these profiles are some of the highest paid executives in the world because of their ability to get a quick return on investment for their investors

All students are shortlisted for the course will be on the basis of a written test and a personal interview which is conducted by the BSE Institute Limited.