Hedge Fund Management is a form of investing that was started over 5 decades ago in 1949 by Alfred Winslow. Hedge Funds usually opt for two types of investing strategies – long term investments and short term bets/ hedges (which gives it the names Hedge Funds). Hedge Fund Managers can manage their own organization’s capital to book profits or they may manage the funds for a variety of clients.

Fund Managers get a fixed salary and a set percentage of the profits made from their trades. This percentage could range anywhere between 5% to 20%, depending on the investment and the profit made. Some fund mangers are known to have earned over $4 billion over a period of time for the investments they made. This means, that one can easily retire or start their own hedge fund after a working for a brief period of time. Imagine retiring while you are still in your 20s! Some of the most well known Hedge Fund Managers are billionaires George Soros and Stephen Cohen.

However, it is difficult to get an opportunity to work for a major hedge fund. Hedge Funds usually hire highly disciplined and knowledgeable professionals who are well read and trained in understanding and investing in Global Financial Markets. Being very close to the industry and being trained by professionals working in the industry is the kind of exposure that one needs to get if they are serious about a career in this field.

BSE Institute Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of the Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd offers a variety of courses related to Financial Markets. The Post Graduate Program in Global Financial Markets is one of the many courses that have been designed by industry veterans who are still actively working in the industry. This is an important aspect that sets the course apart as it gives students an opportunity to view all the major and minor events and the workings of the industry up close.

The course aims to help students to begin their careers in major financial institutions like Global Banks, Private Equity firms, Hedge Funds, Mutual Fund Houses, Asset Management Companies and Pension Funds.

The 2 year program is taught with a special emphasis on teaching through case studies, that allow students to think and act like professionals by using their knowledge that they gain on a daily basis. A 2 month internship lets students use their learnt knowledge at the global financial institutions that they intern at. This is also a golden opportunity to make an impact and secure a Pre-Placement-Offer (PPO).

The main subjects of the course are Financial Management, Global Economics, Business Communication, Debt & Forex Markets, Finanacial Markets Technology/ Operations, Financial Modelling, Investment Banking, Fund Management, Portfolio Selection, Algorithmic Trading, etc. Students will be chosen for the programme on the basis of a written test and a personal interview conducted by the institute.