It is said that money never sleeps. Investment banks and financial houses move their money all over the globe in order to invest, book profits and multiply their money. Investment banking is a tough job. Being up to date about markets around the globe is not everybody’s cup of tea. Apart from having information, professionals need to be able to pick the right stocks/ businesses which can be invested in.

Asset Management Companies and Fund Houses hire professionals who are disciplined, meticulous and well versed in corporate finance, mergers and acquisition, project finance, investment banking, etc. These skills may be rare, but can be acquired with the right training and guidance. Professionals of this industry are the highest paid executives in the World.

The Global Financial Markets Professional course is a chance for students to build a career as investment bankers with major global financial institutions.The GFMP course trains students in project finance, corporate finance, investment banking and mergers & acquisition. Due to the course’s focus on global financial markets and their existing practices, students have an edge over other graduates and post graduates while applying for a job at major Private Equity firms, Hedge Funds, Mutual Fund Houses, Asset Management Companies and Pension Funds that are active in many markets.

Students can apply after completing their junior college, i.e. 12th. Those who have completed their graduation will be trained under a special fast track course. The course curriculum has been built with a focus on business case studies that occurred recently. Students will also have a chance to test their knowledge during a 6 month industry internship. This is also a chance to impress the institution and obtain a Pre-Placement-Offer (PPO).