There has been a lot of inflow of cash in the Indian Financial markets since 2014. 2 lakh crores to be precise! These funds have been invested by financial institutions like banks, mutual funds, currency reserves, insurance companies, hedge funds, investment banks, private equities, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds.

In order to manage their funds appropriately, they hire a lot of professionals well versed in corporate finance, mergers and acquisition, project finance, investment banking, etc. This makes professionals skilled in working with Global Financial Markets very important. Students with these skills are currently in great demand. Professionals of this industry are said to command the fattest pay packets across the globe.

The Global Financial Markets Professional course is a fast track course that qualifies students for a career with major global investment banks and financial institutions mentioned above.The GFMP course trains students in corporate finance, mergers and acquisition, project finance and investment banking. In short, students can apply at major Private Equity firms, Hedge Funds, Mutual Fund Houses, Asset Management Companies and Pension Funds that regularly invest in Indian startups, organizations and the stock market.

Students who have completed their 12th can apply for this course. There is a special fast track course for students who have completed their graduation. The course is designed using case studies that have occurred recently. Students shall get an opportunity to put their knowledge to use in a 6 month industry internship.