The invention of the internet and its availability for the masses has ushered an age of information. It can rightly be called an information revolution. The internet ensured that we shall get all the information that we wish to have. However, today we are overburdened by the information that is given to us and unsure of what to read. With fake news and sponsored posts we don’t know whom to trust and what to read. Being able to sift out actionable knowledge from information is a challenge and a skill that people would need.

However, it is physically impossible to do this on our own. We would need a software or an automated solution to do this. Artificial Intelligence is that solution that brings us the best answers to our problems. The ability to provide solutions for multiple problems at lightning fast speeds is what makes Uber, Amazon, PayPal, AliBaba, AirBNB, Apple, etc so valueable and popular. Self made billionaire tech mogul Mark Cuban has been quoted saying that the first trillionaire shall be an AI entrepreneur. We earlier looked at technology and innovation to solve our problems, but now that has been narrowed down to Artificial Intelligence, at least till someone else comes up with a smarter solution!

Fortunately for us, the reality about AI is that it is not as tough as some people make it out to be. A mobile application that anyone develops is a form of Artificial Intelligence. Making apps is not difficult, it is the ability to continuously improve your product and serving consumers that sets you apart from the crowd. Food for thought!!