Peer to peer blockchain networks, which threaten to disrupt the current form of data storage and sharing, may soon become common sooner than you think. Few local and regional governments in Italy plan to use blockchains to bring about greater transparency, security and efficiency in executing Government work. Government servers across the World have been under attack for a better part of this decade. This is because a lot of data related to multi million and billion dollar tenders and citizens personal information is stored there and is at risk.

By using blockchains, Government’s believe that they can bring down the cost of maintaining their networks and safeguard their data in a better way. Pilot projects are being conducted as we speak in Lazio, Italy. The local Govt plans to implement a law that will make it compulsary for all Govt offices to use blockchain technology for storing and sharing data.

Blockchain technology can replace the decade old networks and systems that private corporations and Govts use. This presents a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs who can provide the hardware and manage the systems for the Governments. These sectors can create millions of new jobs just in India.