Financial behemoths and major business houses around the World are now waking up to the possibility of an earthquake in the way we conduct business. With evolving technology large corporations understand the need to employ more of Fintech, Artificial Intelligence and IoT to serve their customers better. This troika promises to serve more customers in the same amount of time, but at a fraction of the cost and deliver a better service to the consumers. The financial world which relies heavily on the data that is generated everyday for its key decisions, needs to be able to sift out the relevant data and take appropriate decisions.

But wait, what if all this gets done by a software in a fraction of a second? Won’t that change the time you take to book a profit? It will! You can use a fintech software that runs on AI to get the data, make informed decisions, invest accordingly and book profits. Algo traders and robo advisors today allow High Frequency Traders and individual investors to book profits based on the best practices that give better returns on investments. The same way AI is able to study data and make suggestions or provide a SWOT analysis about where your business is strong or weak or where you may face competition. This shall let you take the steps necessary to fend off any challenge to your market position.

Imagine sitting in your office and being able to understand market dynamics and the threats that you face. This knowledge is invaluable and any person who understands and runs these systems will be a very valuable asset for any organization. As these industries grow, they will need many skilled professionals for handling their operations. The time is ripe to dive into these industries.