In an age where algorithmic trading, robo advisors, fintech and AI are providing high end trading services to the masses, established financial institutions and family controlled firms are feeling the heat. Robo advisors and algo traders are making it possible for individual traders to access a large amount of data that was previously only with large financial behemoths. With access to information and the ability to trade with the advice of bots, it is possible for individuals to multiply their investments in a small amount of time, thus allowing people to retire earlier than what they had planned.

Fintech allows people to implement the best trading practices everyday without any fear. We are not saying that the advisor will predict the exact rate of return, but it points a user in the right direction. For someone having a 9-5 job, being able to monitor your funds on your mobile or even your PC is a huge advantage as compared to being on the phone all day long.

Every country has a few banks and financial institutions that have been active in global finance and business since the early 1900s. Fintech now threatens to tip the balance of power away from the behemoths and family controlled firms. Fintechs are truly revolutionizing the way people approach investing, saving and the manner in which money is handled. From being risk averse, people are now willing to invest more and become rich faster. Just like the Industrial Revolution Fintech promises to be the next revolution that changes the way we live.