A recent report said that over 2/3rds of all major firms in the UK with a lot of data online were targeted by hackers in 2016. Their main targets were the ones with a lot of data about markets, ones with a lot of individual consumer data and major financial institutions. At one point of time learning English was considered to be a must for securing a job or having a steady future. You can now add learning coding, programming and cybersecurity to that list.

Almost everything that used to be offline, is now moving online. Banks, education, shopping, recreation, etc. have all successfully migrated online and shall cease to resemble what we knew those industries as. With new opportunities come new challenges. Just like in the old days, we still face criminals who try to make a quick buck by stealing money or stealing things that are worth a lot of money. Protecting all our valuables in the digital world has to be our top most priority. Are there any skills that are valued over the others and can help one prevent such frauds? Let’s see –

  1. Ethical hacking – Ethical hacking is about hacking a website/ network with a company’s permission and presenting it with the vulnerable parts or areas that hackers can target. Hacking before someone else and making the company aware is what ethical hacking is about. The reason why these guys are called hackers is that to beat a hacker – you need to think like a hacker.
  2. Artificial Intelligence – Any mobile app that we use is AI. Artificial intelligence is primarily used to think like us without getting fatigued. AI aims to do all those tasks that we do, but without the human error. AI is also useful in preventing hacks as one is able to automate processes and look for vulnerable spots within the network. This saves a lot of time, money and energy.
  3. Internet of Things – IoTs are basically devices that are connected to each other through the internet. Being able to switch on or off your A.C before reaching home or leaving your house is the best example for it. However, there is barely any security for it. Imagine the drones that are used by the defence forces for surveillance getting hacked. That is a complete disaster. Knowing your way around IoT is also bound to help you have a secure network and environment.

In an age where cyber defense is being considered as important as the Army, Navy & Air Force getting the skills mentioned above are of utmost importance.