Make in India has been highlighted as a major cornerstone of the current PM Modi led Government to create jobs and promote a better way of life. What many peopleare worried about is Western countries coming up with better technologies that can do the same job in a much cheaper way. What has been aptly recognized by our Prime Minister here is that we need to train our workforce appropriately with the right skills in order to be competitive for the decades to come. Being conversant with AI tools is one such thing.

Imagine the factories that existed during the Industrial Revolution and compare them to the ones now. Current technology is much safer, simpler, economical and faster to use. The same thing applies for technology that will improve manufacturing and is yet to be applied fully. AI can allow a single person to operate and manage more machines at the same time. Just like a person who does many things from his work station, a factory worker can have a work station from where he controls the various robots who do the work that he intends to. Technology today is allowing people to be more productive. Imagine AI letting a factory predict or know when a vendor needs more product and the factory beginning production with just an e-mail, or the factory being able to track the delivery of goods right till it is opened by the client.

Using AI robots who can do the job can allow people to be more productive and can allow factories to be open 24*7. AI can also eliminate any human error that could happen and may prevent any accidents. Manufacturing finally is all about quality, costs and speed of delivery. If India is able to provide a quality product in record time with a competitve price, what would stop us from being a manufacturing hub? Hence, being skilled in the right trade is of utmost importance!