Travelling to a new unexplored international location is always a challenge. We face a million different questions that can make us anxious. How do get I there, where do I stay, do they speak English, what kind of food can I expect, is it a safe place, where can I get my money changed, what if I get lost, how expensive is the public transport, etc. Technology and Artificial Intelligence today are helping you by interacting with you in your language and in the way that you are comfortable. Most travel apps and online portals will answer all the questions listed above. By reducing barriers between countries, people are able to travel freely without any fear of getting lost or losing too much money in the process.

Mobile applications that run mainly with AI, can help you plan a trip without you even leaving your seat. In case a person has any specific request, he can immediately contact a number on the site or chat with a chatbot. Converting money can be done with the many mobile wallets that exist today. PayPal is a leader in international payments and can easily help you avoid traveller’s cheque and multi country cards. All you need is a working PayPal account. In case you happen to lose your way in a country, you can easily look up your location on Google maps or hail a cab over Uber! Technology has truly reduced the barrier between countries.

With the Government’s push on increasing tourism in India, the travel industry is ripe for disruption. Local travel companies can easily pitch online to people living in the EU, USA, UK or any other country that has a population that travels a lot. AI and fintech are making life simple and are creating crores of jobs for skilled individuals each year. Approaching each industry with a strategic plan can help our country become a World leader easily.