That Google and Amazon are leaders in their respective fields is common knowledge, but what very few people know is that these tech majors are looking to build a strong bench of talent that can easily take over, manage and monetize their Artificial Intelligence verticals. Amazon and Google are known to offer Rs 1 crore plus salaries to freshers who they feel are sound enough to innovate and monetize new technologies. Both companies started and thrived in the new millenium. They place a lot of significance on innovation and adoption of new technology that can make the lives of human beings simpler and safer.

However, there is a shortage of good talent across the globe, which is why they regularly make trips to Indian institutes to recruit the best talent and reward them with Rs 1 crore plus salaries. Artificial intelligence is widely used in western countries and it is from there that mobile applications have become common. These tech companies have recognized that India is a huge market that cannot be ignored, which is why they now have offices here that focus on getting the best technology produced from the best talent. We are still a few years away from seeing what AI can truly do for our country. However, working with the best can be a great learning experience and thus one should be prepared as a professional to grab these opportunities.