Raj Anandan, Google VP for South East Asia & India and Aruna Sundaraja of the Ministry of Electronics and Informtion Technology (MEIT) recently launched a Digital Payments Security Alliance (DPSA) to promote financial technology that promotes a digital economy and financial inclusion for the crores of Indians who are yet to take full advantage of the digital and banking infrastructure that our country offers.

The aim is to promote tech startups that can provide a secure and a safe access to digital and financial services to people residing in distant corners of the country. This is in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s push for a digital and a cashless economy. The DPSA will work with the Data Security Council of India (DSCI) to bring the Govt, banks, tech companies and fintech startups on board to increase the usage of digital banking services. They will be conducting campaigns to create awareness about best practices while offering and using online banking and financial services. The Govt has also tied up with Google to increase the usage of Govt facilities online on phones. Google plans to train over 2 million developers for all these activites.

One can only imagine the opportunities this creates for professionals who are well trained and qualified in the field of fintech. Apart from the numbers quoted above a lot of positions will soon open up in other tech companies, banks and fintech startups for individuals who are trained and capable in promoting fintech.